MultiCulti Baby originally launched in 2009 as an ecommerce site.  We sold really great books that included images and stories of kids of color.  We hosted book fairs at local preschools and promoted burgeoning authors you couldn't find in your traditional bookstore.

And then in 2011, we stopped.  Life has a funny way of changing your plans.  Fast forward five years, and we're here.  Amazingly, the landscape is different.  There are more blogs supporting multicultural books and products for kids.  There are more authors writing stories that show images of kids of color.  These are great things.

MultiCulti Baby is but one footprint in a vast, global landscape.  This space is all about fun, joy and promoting interesting ways to encourage a color, imaginative world for years to come.  #ourstoriesmatter

From the Content Creator

I've been a passionate reader since my Mom took my sisters and I to the library at least twice a week, sometimes more.  We were surrounded by books.  Then I became a parent, and I wanted to share stories, fun stories that included kids that looked like my little boy.  MCB was born from that passion to promote colorful stories.

I took a lengthy hiatus, because managing a family and a full-time career in the law left me little time to devote to this passion project.  Yet, I could never fully leave it.  Passions have a way of calling your name amidst the noise of life.  I hope the content created and shared via this site enriches your life.  I hope the stories are stories of power, hope, strength and joy.  I hope it creates a legacy of expecting greatness from the generations to come.

Next Steps...

Go ahead.  Browse.  Read our blog.  Most importantly, have fun.  That's what we here for--to share the joy of amazing stories.